Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Giant Strawberries?

This past weekend I did a cake for a little girl named Carsyn. She has a Strawberry Shortcake themed party. Her mom needed a cake that would feed 30-40 people so I thought I would go 3-D! This cake was 12 inches at the tallest point and almost 15 inches lot. It was very heavy. The stem was green fondant and the strawberry part was butter cream.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Birthday

My friend Lisa turned another year younger and her family asked that I make her a little cake. This is an eight inch cake in butter cream. The shells are chocolate and hand painted in luster dust and pearl dust. Very sweet!

Indigo Wedding Cake

Here is a 4 tier cake that I took to Indigo Society Hall. The cake weighed about 40 pounds so I had to get my husband to help me take it to the second floor. The cake is butter cream with the initials that I made in advance and covered in pearl dust to make them shine. The topper is fresh flowers that were made by the florist and added to the cake once I got it there.

John Deere Fun

Here is a cake that Claire Grant ordered for her son Wilson. They were going with the John Deere theme which is cute for a little fella!

Who can resist Polka Dots?

Just added this one for fun! Colorful dots make me smile.

Wizard of Oz Cake

My friend Josie ordered this cake for her daughter Cathryn. The entire cake is butter cream and the shoes are molded from chocolate. I added some luster dust to the red shoes to give them sparkle. FYI... Cathryn's party rocked and she even got Hannah Montana tickets for her birthday! Watch out world...Cathryn's going to be the next big star - She got the moves, the voice, and the 8 year old attitude!

Beach Ball Cake

Here is a butter cream cake with a beach ball theme. I made chocolate flip flops as an accent to the cake.

Pink Lady Bug

I made this pink lady bug for Angela Cox's little girl. She brought me a plate with the theme on it and I duplicated the color pallet from the plate. This bug was big and cute. It's hard to see but there are curly antenna on her head. Angela said the cake was hit at the party!

Palm Tree Cake

Here is a cake I did for a young lady named Alex. She requested a palm tree cake that looked like a real palm tree. I fashioned the tree out of fondant and gave the fondant leaves a little texture. Alex's mom Angela said that they loved the cake. That always make me feel great!

Pool Party Cake

My appraiser friend (I too am a real estate appraiser) ordered this pool party cake for her granddaughter. I was a sheet cake with butter cream and I made little chocolate flip flops to accent the side of the cake. This was a popular cake this summer. I think I made 5 of them. Lots of pool parties going on out there!

Rainy Day Wedding Cake

This cake had 9 cakes and was super big. The day that I went to set it up, would you believe it was raining cats and dogs. By the time I unloaded the cakes one by one and got them inside, I was looking like a drenched rat! I needed a towel to dry off but wedding napkins would have to do. I just set the cake up as quickly as I could so I could get out of there. (To go and get dried off) I added fresh flowers in between the tiers which really gave the cake a great look. In the end, I was told that it stopped raining so that the bride could enjoy her evening which was great.

Hula Cake

Here is a two tier birthday cake for a luau. I did a tropical grass skirt accent around the top tier which was fun.

Dinosaur cake

A sweet cake for a young man that loves dinosaurs. Butter cream frosting and fondant dinosaurs make a great combo.

Airbrushing fun

This cake was so much fun to do. He is covered in white fondant and I air brushed him. I know the guys would like to get a cake like this. No smelly mess, just yummy cake inside!

YES! It is a cake!

I made this little guy at a cake class I took with Brownen Weber! (she has been on the Food Network Cake Challenge many times.) I ave to say that it was the toughest cake I have ever made. He stands 2 feet tall and his jacket is made of fondant. To serve him you would carve his belly and back. Almost like a turkey! These types of cakes are very labor intensive and I see why they cost so much. But they are AWESOME!

Cupcakes Anyone?

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I have added new post but here we go. I thought these little guys were cute so I wanted to put them on the blog. I can do them any way you would like.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Play a "Sweet" Tune

I love this one. Last week I had an order for an acoustic guitar. I had done a guitar hero cake when I first started and it was great but I love this just as much. I used a cardboard cutout as my template and placed it over the sheet cake. I had to add a little for the neck of it just to make it look proportionate. In the end I was very pleased with the results.

-Because Hunters Like Cake Too!

How fun is this. I had no idea how to create a Browning buck mark but with a little help from my trusty sidekick - the Internet, I was set. What a great custom surprise for the hunter in your life.

Three Tiers of Fun

Here is a three tier birthday cake with a play cake. These cakes are the same size as a small wedding cake so you can feed a lot many people with them.

Sweet Cupcake

Emma Grace Cox turned 1. She is my Pastor's sweet little granddaughter. Her mom called and wanted a special cake to help them have a great celebration. I just love these two tiered cakes. They make such a statement. From what I gather, they really enjoyed the cake and had a great party.

Super-sized Wedding Cake

This cake was one of the largest that I have done. There were two more sheet cakes that are not in the photo. They had planned for a lot of guests and I like to make sure that people have more than enough. 11 akes in all.

Sweet 16

This was a sweet 16 cake that was done for two cousins sharing a large birthday party. It was great when it left my house but along the way it got a little warm and the frosting slid down in the front. The mom called called and she was upset so I offered to go to the house where she was and fix it for them. In the end she seemed satisfied and I hoped that they enjoyed it. I never heard back from they. I try to go the extra mile to have people have a good experience with the cakes that I make but I am sure that unexpected this will happen that you can't control.

Dedication Cake

Here is a sweet dedication cake.

50th Anniversay

Here is a cake that I did for a 50th Anniversary. I did the diamond pattern by hand but have since seem a better way to complete this task. It is very difficult to do. It had a nice effect in the end.

Twin Birthdays

These Cakes were done for my twin cousins. They are as different as night and day. These girls knew exactly what they wanted and were thrilled when they saw the cakes for the first time. I thought that the cakes looked so sweet.

Princess Ellbie

My good friend Lisa ordered this sweet cake for her daughter Ellbie. I did a regular sheet cake and added one of my castles as a special touch. This is a great way to have the wow-effect but none of the hassle of the two tiered cake. (Cost less also) I do get the castles back but I think the end product is great.

Carter's Cake

This cake was made for Carter Casselman. He was dedicated a couple weeks ago and his sweet mom Tanya called and asked for s cake. You would not believe how sweet the fellowship hall was decorated. What a thoughtful mom this little fellow has. (and a great friend to me as well!) I used a cookie cutter to cut out the fondant cross but everything else was butter cream.

Fastest Cake in History

Here is cake that I made for a young couple. It was ordered as a gift for the couple by the bride's family. I was getting prepared the the day before the weeding to get started on it when the aunt called and said "the photographer is here, when will you bring the cake?" The wedding was at 5 and it was now 4:15! They were getting married that day! (instead of sat. which is what I had written down. Totally my mistake) I told her that I did not have the cake ready and that I did not know if I would be able to have it done. On top of that, it was pouring cakes and dogs outside. -A cake decorator's worst nightmare. When I say that I had not even started the cake, I had done nothing but bake the cake and make frosting. It was only the Lord that helped me get this thing together! Thank God that the church was just up the street from me because I would have never been able to get it there on time. That was the fastest cake I have ever done and I hope I never have to do that again. I know my blood pressure was out of this world! Aside from the theatrics, they loved the cake and it looked beautiful. -Thank God

Winter Wedding

Here is a cake that was ordered for a winter wedding. Many people are afraid to use color on a wedding cake but I think it made all the difference on this one. The Snow portion was done in fondant and covered with sugar crystals. It was perfect for their winter themed wedding.