Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dolphin Blue?

My friend Sara ordered this cake for her daughter (Age 6) who informed her that she wanted a two tier cake (top red velvet, bottom yellow) with stripes and dots. She wanted the stripes to be dolphin blue, dolphin pink and green. I hope that is what dolphin blue looks like. It has been a while since I have given thought to the color of a dolphin but I thought the request was cute.

Carsyn's 1st Birthday

I made this VERY CUTE two tier cake for Carsyn's 1st birthday. I must say it is one of my favorites. The pale color combinations and cupcake theme were over-the-top cute and I think they turned out well. They also ordered a play cake as seen above for Carsyn to enjoy.

Wedding Cake

Here is a smaller two tier cake that I did a couple weekends ago. I did get a little help from "The Betty" on this one because I was pushed for time. She worked her magic on the scallops and borders. She is the greatest. She still has the touch.

Fort Cake

Here is another take on the castle cake. I did the base frosting in grey and added windows, turrets, a door and flags. I think any young man would love a fun cake like this.

Baby Shower Cake

-So sweet you could get a toothache. I made this for a friend (Tiff) who's sister Carla is having a babe in the near future. Their last name is Brandon and since we don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl, we went with the "B" for Brandon. Don't you just love babies!

Hang 10!

This is a great cake for a young fellow. One of my faithful customers - Joy ordered this for her son Blake. I gave much thought to the surf board design. I made these with white chocolate, candy molds and food coloring. I think they added to the edible cuteness.

Inital Cakes

Here are a few pics of initial cakes that I have done in the past week or so. They are always a sweet way to give a personal touch to a birthday. I think gals young and old enjoy these as a special occasion treat. The vertical stripes are a nice compliment to the dots. Very Girlie.

Argyle Sweetness

I have been guilty of not adding new photos but the wait is over. New cakes are here! Here is Josie's Argyle. This was a red velvet and vanilla cake combo. The cake as done in butter cream but the diamonds were made of fondant. It was really sweet when it was done. Sweet cake for a sweet gal.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wedding Cake Blues

Where do I begin with this one. This cake day was possibly one of the worst days I have ever had in my life. (But the cake looked great!) A nice lady named Mrs. Betty (not my grandma) ordered a wedding cake to feed 75 and a couple of decorated sheet cakes for her granddaughter's wedding. Simple request. She also wanted the cake to sit over a fountain. Not a tough challenge since I have four or five fountains.

The wedding was at 5:00 so I waited until 2:30 to deliver the cake to the church fellowship hall which was about 20 miles away. No problem. I got there, set the cake up and plugged in the fountain and to my horror, it did not work. No problem - I brought a spare. I had to deconstruct the cake to get the fountain out. I guess I should have tried the fountain BEFORE I set the cake on top of it! I went the cake and got a brand new fountain out and this time, I checked it first. Now it is about 3:45. I got the Fountain of Doom inside for what was sure to be a quick and easy fix. Well as you may have guessed - it did not work. The devil's spawn in fountain formed mocked my as I stood there in shock. What was I going to do now? The FOB - father of the bride- tried his hand at fixing it and 20 minutes later, we got one going. I tried to put it in place but when I moved it the water was not coming through smoothly and the fountain stopped working. At this point I was ready to punt kick the fountain across the lavender themed fellowship hall but thought I might be escorted out. 4:15! Wedding is at 5:00. I jumped in my car and raced to the house to get the last fountain I have. There rest are at my grandma's. Get there, find it, and you guessed it, it does not work. In a panic, I called The Betty for help. She said she had one so she went to check it out. Horror of Horrors, my last resort fountain DID NOT WORK. I think the fountain gods were raining down bitter punishment on me. She jumped in the car and fled to the scene of my nightmare at the church. She thought she might be able to get one of the fountains going. After all, they had been her fountains before mine. 5:00!!!!!! Ceremony going one inside!!!! Cake not set up!!!! Betty whips one of the order fountains into shape and we throw the cake together! THANK YOU GOOD - I say to myself in triumph and then I here it. I heard grandma whisper OH NO and the scene crawls to a slow motion vision. She had elbowed the couple's champagne glass off the side of the table and it was headed to the concrete floor. It was inevitable - there was no stopping it. The shattering of the glass pierced my heart and I was done for. I just stared singing to myself and tying to go to a happier place in my mind. I wanted to die and I did not want to be mean to my grandma so I run to the kitchen to see if I could find a replacement set of glasses. Nope! all I found were two short, fat, punch cups. So we put them on the table, waited for the kitchen help to get there so I could tell them what had happened and got out of dodge hoping that the family would not be irate with me. The good news is that they LOVED the cake and everyone commented on how great it was. In the end, I offered to buy a new st of glasses and they would not hear of it. Accidents happen Mrs. Betty said. I still felt bad but I was glad there were satisfied with the cake.