Friday, August 15, 2008

Castle Wedding Cake

My Friend Linda was married this past weekend and she had a fairytale theme. I thought long and hard about how to create an elegant castle themed cake. I ordered these prop styrofoam castles from a cake supplier and they did the trick. The cake itself is our normal style, I just added the castles for that fairytale touch. Everyone was please. I actually attended this wedding so I was able to hear the comments from the crowd. And - being the cake goddess that I am, can you believe I had to serve the cake? We all had a blast.

Wedding Cake Weekend

This cake was delivered to St. Delight Church this past weekend. There was a total of 9 cakes in all. It went to the same place I took the cake with all of the fountain problems. (and near nervous breakdown) This time I made sure I tested all of the fountains and did nothing to anger the fountain gods. All went well and no delivery problems to report!

"N"ice Cake

Here is an initial cake that I did. It is so sweet and feminine. This would be great for ladies young and old!


My godson Jason Had a birthday a week or so ago and He wanted a chocolate Spiderman cake. I looked EVERYWHERE for an affordable action figure but I could not find a thing. Finally I came across this spiderman candle which did the trick. The other kids could not believe the cake was so cool and he felt like the king of the day with his awesome Spiderman cake.